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A step by step tutorial on Statistics Canada API and python library

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Statistics Canada provides a wide range of data for public use, including data for Canada’s economy, society and environment. In addition to manually browsing the webpage to access the data, Statistics Canada also provides Web Data Service, i.e. API access to their database. What’s even better, there is a python library stats_can that wraps up the API commands and allows users to write simple codes to read data automatically. This article will provide a step by step tutorial on how to achieve that.

Identify desired data item and its

Go to Statistics Canada subpage Data, input keywords, for instance, GDP, and click on the search icon.

Making Sense of Big Data

How to forecast tabular transaction data using variational autoencoder and general linear regression

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Sales forecasting plays an extremely important role in business planning. It is a useful tool that extracts information from past and current sales data to intelligently predict future performances. With an accurate sales forecast in hand, decision makers can optimize marketing strategies and business expansion plans with more confidence. For instance, if your sales forecast says that 50% of your annual sales would occur during Christmas, you will need to ramp up your inventory and production in the fall to prepare for the sales peak. You may also want to hire more salespeople after Thanksgiving. If you have accurate sales…

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Data scientist with a background of oceanography, rock climbing enthusiast, immigrant in Canada. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rui-zhang-ocean/

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